ChRiS's JouRnaL (sevenupyours482) wrote in rate_me_now,
ChRiS's JouRnaL

age//16 (going to be 17 this year)
location// southern california
screenname// sevenupyours482 (aim)
10 bands// Taking back sunday, my chemical romance, AFI, No doubt, Green day, blink 182, switchfoot, yellowcard, hoobastank, simple plan.
5 interests/hobbies// dance dance revolution, snowboarding, shopping, internet, tv
5 things that bug the shit out of you// people that stutter, my 4 year old brother, when people tap their fingers on their desk when taking a test, people that make hit peole for no reason, people that pms a lot
tell us a cool secret// I liek britney spears ::blushes::
whats your best feature// my face
whats your worst feature// my body
what would you rate yourself// 7
make up a question we could add - then answer it// What is you're fav. clothing store?- Hollister!

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