Losing my love, was losing my life. Save me. (grimreaperx) wrote in rate_me_now,
Losing my love, was losing my life. Save me.

New, Rate me.

Well, since I don't know if I am in or not. I posted over 2 months ago. And I didn't get 3 votes over a 7. I got 2. Thanks!

name// Sara

age// 14

location// Latham NY

screenname// CrimsonSanctuary

10 bands// Smile Empty Soul, Trapt, Taking Back Sunday, Nirvana, Evanescence,NickelBack, Dashboard confessional, Rage Against the Machine, The Used, Blink 182

5 interests/hobbies// Softball, Rollerskating, Music, Reading books that I can compare myself to, helping people with their problems, dogs.

5 things that bug the shit out of you// When rollerskating little kids cut me off, people nagging me, being forced to do something that I really would not like to do, watching my little brothers because it takes away my summer, and watching retarded cartoons.

tell us a cool secret//I sneak out of my house with out anyone knowing? Well now you people know!

whats your best feature// Many people say my hair, but you can't tell that much in the pictures.

whats your worst feature// Haha I think my face, but that is what you people are to deceide!

what would you rate yourself// I guess a 7 or 8

make up a question we could add - then answer it// What makes you think you would get a good rating?--Well because a lot of people say that I am pretty and that I should be a model.

Sorry that the pictures are sideways! Maybe some one could help me?

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