Helena <3 (2sexy4myskirt) wrote in rate_me_now,
Helena <3

Sorry. My application messed up.

name// hilary
age// almost 15
location// massachusetts
screenname// hilary1036
10 bands// aar thursday tbs queen pink floyd beastie boys dashboard confessional i am disaster rufio a static lullaby
5 interests/hobbies// being famous, chilling with my girls, my performing arts school, animal rights, political activism
5 things that bug the shit out of you// white ghetto. people who are mean, and rude. annoyance. perverts. homeworkkk *thumbs down*
whats your best feature// my hair
whats your worst feature// my legs
what would you rate yourself// 8? 10?
make up a question we could add - then answer it// definetely favorite color. you can tell alot about a person by that.. and mine is pink

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