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name// Katie
age// 14
location// Westland, Michigan
screenname// brknxhrtxagn
10 bands//  Hot Hot heat, DC, TBS, SOTY, Saliva, Slipknot, The Killers, Sugarcult, Shinedown, Hawthorne Heights.
5 interests/hobbies// Acting, Singing, Dancing, Volleyball, & Cheerleading
5 things that bug the shit out of you// When people ask for you opinion and discriminate you for it, Racism, Racial Slurs, Rude/Annoying people, & People that say "Like" or "OMG" accessively.
tell us a cool secret// Uhm, Sometimes When I Eat Food, I Have To Smell It First. (No One Knows About That)
whats your best feature// My Eyes.
whats your worst feature// My Hair.
what would you rate yourself// 6.5
make up a question we could add - then answer it//
Why Did You Choose This Community?
I chose this community because i saw a few beautiful people in the applications, and in the rules you said, not to be "TOO BRUTAL" and i liked that.
<<dont mind that pic, its an inside joke, but im obsessed with black and white, and i thought that one looked good.
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