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What is this community is about?
This community rates you on a scale 1-10.With 1 being being ugly and 5 being alright and 10 being hott/beautiful.We are looking for members that are cute.WE DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOUR BODY. NO NUDE PICTURES!Read the Rules before applying!!

1- Post three or more pictures of your face, and fill out the survey below.

2- ONLY POST ONE PICTURE WITHOUT A LJ-CUT(if you don't know how.. ask someone or go the FAQ section.. its really not that hard.)

3- Members must be honest but not TOO BRUTAL.

4- You cannot vote on people unless you are stamped

5- Both girls and guys can join.

6- Rememeber rate on a scale 1-10.

7- After everyone who is going to vote has voted and it is averaged you must have an average of 7 or higher to be accepted.

8- Respect the members of the community. I will not hesitate to ban you if you can't show common curtosy. If you can't take the heat.. please don't submit a picture to a RATING COMMUNITY!

9- if you are accepted please invite one or more people and try to participate and vote on a regular basis. this is common sence - don't join if you arn't going to participate, its just annoying.

10- You can promote your community if in turn you promote this one in your community. if you don't (and i will check)i'll delete the entry.

10 bands//
5 interests/hobbies//
5 things that bug the shit out of you//
tell us a cool secret//
whats your best feature//
whats your worst feature//
what would you rate yourself//
make up a question we could add - then answer it//


Kati (katiwearspants)
AIM - katiwearspants
E-mail - katiwearspants@hotmail.com

Emily (hiilikeorange)
AIM - hiilikeorange
E-mail - hiilikeorange@yahoo.com


Put this in your user info! use the tag below, just take out the " * "s. :)
<*img src=http://img6.photobucket.com/albums/v20/katiwearspants/acceptedjen.jpeg*>


thanks to Jen(blahitsjen) for making the stamps and for the awesome new layout

enjoy kids :)